How your Height is Connected with Cancer?

Although it sounds little surprising, studies by researchers shows that there is a direct correlation between your height and cancer risk. This cancer risk is especially reported more among postmenopausal women who are taller.

Some studies identified a 16 percent higher comparative risk for each 4 inches of increase in height among women. This includes a higher risk for taller women to develop various cancers like breast cancer, colon cancer melanoma, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.

how height is connected with cancer

Reasons for a Higher Cancer Risk in Taller Women

Although it sounds surprising, various studies by experts attribute to the same fact of a clear relation between height and cancer. One reason for this is identified as the higher number of body cells and tissues possessed by taller people owing to their taller body frames.

General lifestyle, hormone levels, diet, illnesses, and socioeconomic backgrounds affect the growth of a person and these same factors influence your cancer risks as well. The major factors for a person’s height are genetic and sometimes they are also related to childhood nutrition, levels and exposure to the environment. However, it is not proved that cancer is inevitable to all tall women, yet there are some links connecting the two.

How High is the Risk?

Experts have come up with diverse theories on the relation between cancer and height. Drinking each extra unit of alcohol per day can increase cancer risk by 12 percent and women with a higher BMI have 40 percent more chance of developing cancer. If you compare these with the cancer risk of taller people, the relative percentage is smaller than these.

How to Resist Cancer Risk?

There are many factors which we cannot change, which cause or increase the risk of developing cancer. These include getting older, our genes, our height and other physical features. However there are a number of other things which we can try and control, which are culprits for developing cancer.

  • Lifestyle Changes

According to studies by cancer experts, almost 50% of cancers can be prevented with the help of lifestyle changes alone. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol are two major steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Keeping a balanced body weight by following healthy food habits, including lot of fresh fruits and vegetables also can go a long way in doing this. Getting involved in some physical activity is significant for a healthy body.

  • Awareness

Awareness of your body and health is paramount in identifying cancer or any other disease at an early stage. This early diagnosis can help you get the right treatment and get cured completely. In case you notice anything abnormal or unusual in your body, it is best to consult an expert.

If you follow a healthy living with smart lifestyle choices, you can definitely keep the risks of cancer at bay, whether you are short or tall. This can not only help you to prevent cancer, but also a whole host of other diseases as well.