Preventing Skin Conditions with 6 Daily Skin Care Tips

Skin issues generally bother teenagers, but people of all age confront some or other skin problems (like acne, bruises, age spots, scars, stretch marks, eczema, dry skin etc.) due to innumerable causes. Personal hygiene, work place, family health, hereditary are some major causes that leads to poor skin health. It is said that the skin actually reflects your body health and as you develop good habits and ideal diet proportions, your skin is bound to get beautiful and radiant day by day.

The basic guideline is to clean and moisturise your skin daily; the pollution and harsh weather conditions do not let your skin to breathe properly, therefore clean its clogged pores and let it shine with youth. Below given is a list of daily health tips to avoid various skin conditions –

daily skin care tipsDaily Skin Regime

This is just ‘essential’. At least washing your face twice, once in the morning and once before going to the bed with a mild face wash is needed. Just after washing, make sure you apply a toner and a moisturiser. The toner will remove the finer traces of oil and dirt accumulated, while moisturising retains the necessary moisture in your skin. It is very important to check the skin type and then choose the face wash, toner and moisturizer (dry, normal or oily). This practice will help you to stay away from acne, rashes, dry skin troubles.

Always use a Sun Screen

Sun is both a friend and foe for your skin. Sun rays provide Vitamin D to your skin and at the same time it can burn your skin with excessive ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It might cause age spots, freckles, wrinkles, discoloration, benign (non- cancerous) skin growths like moles, and even cancerous growths like malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. Even if you stay indoors, use sun protection cream or lotions with SPF 15 or more.

Visit a Skin Specialist Frequently

You can prevent a host of age related skin issues if you are in touch with a skin specialist regularly from middle age. Try to visit a skin specialist or beauty therapist at least once in every 3 months to check if the overall skin health is fine. Especially, if you have dry or oily skin pay more attention to expert advices. Do self screening at regular intervals and make sure that no skin changes are developing like unusual patches, moles or tags; some might indicate cancer; therefore medical visits is very important.

Balanced Diet

A proper, healthy and uniform diet is important for all age groups. Avoid fried and fast foods. Take as much as fruits and green vegetables as possible. Fish, legumes, water, and foods rich in vitamin C are good for skin health and can help you avoid skin troubles like eczema, psoriasis, pimples and acne.

Do not Over-Scrub

Using a flannel, gloves or loofah for exfoliating is not a good idea. Instead, gently rub your skin with a soft cloth once a week. Rinse your face very well and dab it with a clean towel. After using a towel always wash it properly as dirt can spread germs and re-using the dirty towel can invite even more skin troubles that you are trying to avoid.

Use Minimum Make Up

Excessive make up and cosmetics increase the chances of chemical reactions on your skin and thereby lead to skin eruptions and discoloration. Try to avoid foundation, powders and blushers on facial skin; if it is essential trust only reputed brands that do not have harsh chemicals. Use oil free, herb based cosmetics and carefully read the label of ingredients before buying. Wash off your make up at the day end.

These above mentioned tips would not only help you to avoid the common skin troubles but also keep your skin healthy and glowing for long.