How to Recognize and Avoid a Latex Allergy

Latex allergy is a kind of an allergy which is caused as an allergic reaction to the natural proteins in natural rubber latex. This is an ever increasing problem and some people might be more allergic than the others. Like any other allergy type, the more you are exposed to the cause, the more will be the intensity of the allergy.

If you wish to avoid latex allergy, then it is important to first recognize it or know its signs. The following given information will help you to recognize and avoid such an allergy.

recognize and avoid a latex allergyKnowing if you are at Risk of Latex Allergy

The following are some of the people who are at risk of a latex allergy:

  • Those who work in the rubber industry.
  • Those in the health care industry.
  • Those with spina bifida
  • Those who have undergone repeated allergies or have been exposed repeatedly to equipment with latex on it, rubber latex gloves, pubic use of rubber latex products, condoms etc.
  • Those who have food allergies of the kind where the protein molecules simulate the protein in the latex. For examples: allergies from banana, tomato, fig, strawberry, chestnut, hazelnut and tropical fruits.

Ways to Prevent a Latex Allergy

The following are some of the top ways to avoid or prevent a latex allergy:

  • The first and the most effective way to prevent a latex allergy is to look for alternatives to latex use balloons, condoms, rubber elastic bands, latex gloves made of rubber etc. Even baby bottle nipples and pacifiers are made of rubber latex and must be removed or replaced.
  • Another way to avoid suffering from a latex allergy is to always read labels on all items that you purchase or use for both business and home. This includes tags on clothes, labels on feminine hygiene products, cleaning products, medical equipment etc.
  • Make sure that all the food you purchase or eat hasn’t been prepared in a utensil with rubber latex on it. Many spatulas and cooking utensils have latex and these must be avoided for everyday use.
  • If you work in a medical facility or a health care system and need to wear gloves often, make sure you do not put them on for more time than required and always use the best quality products, caps, gloves and other latex tipped medical equipment.
  • If you are allergic to latex then it is completely fine to tell your employer about it so that something can be worked out so as to keep you away from this material as much as possible.
  • You can also wear a medical alert bracelet which can help others know that you are allergic to latex and that it must not be brought near you.
  • Carry a pair of non-latex gloves or another pair of vinyl gloves with you and have a few extra pairs at home as well.

If you recognize signs or symptoms of latex allergy, then it is best to call your doctor or visit him to be sure and to get treated quickly.