4 Most Common Diet Myths And The Facts

Today everybody is clinched towards being slim and fit and hence opted the process of dieting but you must keep in mind that there are wide numbers of diet myths that can adversely affect your body and cause harm to it. Therefore to be aware from these here you are being guided with some myths accompanied with the facts in order to make you fit and healthy.

common diet myths and the facts1. Myth

Addition of sugar to your food is always bad.


Being an essential food stuff of kitchen, always prefer to control the usage of it rather completely avoiding it. On the other hand you can utilize sugar for baking while preparing tender cake crumb or crispy cookies. Except sugar, other natural sweeteners like honey must be considered as refined sugar which acts to metabolized by your body in the same manner. According to health experts added sugar does not supply more than 10% of total calories which your body intake. Hence it is advisable not to overboard it.

2. Myth

You should only eat when you feel hungry.


The fact completely differs from the myth. As per the researchers of the National Weight Control Registry people must intake healthy foods in regular intervals. As you will indulge yourself into the skipping process of meal, you will be more prone towards weight gaining. The reason behind it is that after a long interval when you start to eat you may intake more quantity as well as wrong food. Hence it is recommended to have nutritious food maintain a gap of four to five hours.

3. Myth

You must incorporate fat in your diet to keep yourself satisfied and full.


Being a slowest component to clear out the stomach, for long years, fat has been considered as important food for your diet. Whereas according to the recent research fat only consist of twice calories than protein or carbohydrates. Rather than fat or carbohydrates, protein as well as foods that consist of fiber should be included in diet to stay full for longer period of time.

4. Myth

Cholesterol is bad for health.


Cholesterol is nothing but a fatty substance made of liver; it’s said that cholesterol deposits clog your arteries and lead to a host of heart diseases. However, its not denied that this is the truth but cholesterol is always not bad for health as you need it to build cells and some very important hormones. You should know the difference between good and bad cholesterol and then form the diet.

The saturated fats in cheese, meat, butter, cream lead to high density lipoprotein and is known as ‘bad’ cholesterol. While the fats from unsaturated fats like nuts, seeds and vegetable oils raise the high density lipoprotein and is ‘good’ cholesterol that takes away the cholesterol from the arteries to the liver.

Thus before going for a diet do checkout various myths associated with it.