Healthy Regime for your Feet

They are your feet that act as your platform and help you move; so it is important that you keep your feet healthy and in good condition. But some of you may attach the least importance to your feet because of they are covered in shoes. The body weight stands on your feet for the entire day and thus keeping it in the healthiest condition is important and remember that healthy feet means healthy you.

Below given are some ways that will help you to keep your feet healthy

healthy regime for your feetKeep them clean

You must keep your feet clean and dry. Many of you may need to wear socks and that may cause your feet to sweat. Make sure to keep your feet dry of sweat as this can lead to itchiness and fungus. You also need to cut and file your toe nails as the corners of the nails are places that gather the most amount of dirt.

Avoid too much polish

Make sure to remove nail polish after regular intervals of time and leave them without polish for some time. If your nails are dirty, have spots or have become black, do not hide them with nail polish. Get them treated by a podiatrist.

Choose your footwear correctly

You may find high heels very attractive. But that will not comfort your feet. Wear fashionable footwear occasionally and give your feet some comfort in shoes that are soft. Do not share shoes with anyone else. Avoid wearing pointy headed shoes as that reduces your toe space, giving rise to blisters.

Pamper your feet

Clean your feet every day with soap and moisturize them. If you have cracked heels, apply creams that are meant to heal those cracks. Sometimes massaging the palm of your feet helps to relax the muscles. If your work means a lot of walking then you may need to massage your feet and add pressure to your toes.

Exercise well

You do not need to pull weights every now and then but you can exercise your feet by going on regular walks. You can even jog or run a little on flat land to keep the circulation regular in your feet.

See a doctor

Just because there is nothing wrong with your feet now, does not mean nothing will go wrong later. See a doctor to get a ‘happy feet’ health certificate. There may be things that you do not know about your feet and that lingering pain may have different connotations. Your doctor will help you figure out what it is.