Home Remedies for Treating Rocasea

Rocasea is a skin disease, particularly occurring on your face that starts with redness. Also, known as acne rocasea, it is seen on cheeks and nose along with firm red nodules resembling acne. Some symptoms of this problem are burning and stinging feeling, red gritty eyes and rhinophyma.

The prime cause behind the rocasea is unidentified bacteria or fungi that affect the hair follicles, also genetic skin problems can lead to rocasea. Especially, this skin disease is common amongst people living in the hot weather or excessive sun exposure, and consumes hot beverages or spicy foods excessively.

Below given are some home remedies that work effectively in curing rocasea.

remedies for treating rocaseaCucumber Mask

Fresh cucumber is always welcomed to treat any skin problems in the field of home remedies. Consequently you can prepare cucumber mask by blending fresh cucumber and apply it on your face. Rinse with cool water after 30 minutes of application. Using a month daily, you can see the result.

Apple Mask

Brown apple can be one of the best guide for your skin as natural remedies. Transform your apple in a smooth and tendered face pack to apply on your affected area. Rinse after the pack dries. It is recommended to use this pack every day to get the proper result.


Aloevera is another well known natural ingredient to fight against the disease of rocasea. Either you can use it on your face as pack or you can intake aloevera orally to reduce rocasea. Both forms are quiet effective.


Oatmeal is also useful in treating rocasea. Oatmeal can assist you to reduce the redness of your face as well as itching sensation. You need to dilute 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in little quantity of water and then apply on the affected area of rocasea.

Chamomile Compress

Chamomile oil is regarded as one of the natural oil to reduce rocasea. You can keep this oil in fridge and then with a dampen fabric apply on your face to flare up the symptoms of rocasea.

Green Tea

If you have rosacea, washing your face regularly with green tea will help immensely. You can also rub the extract of green tea on the affected areas as the herb has anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that cures rosacea. Green tea can be simply used as a compress as well.

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