Top 7 Foods to Enhance Blood Circulation

The major role of human circulatory system is to ensure sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body. However, when there is hindered flow to some parts of the body, in those situation circulatory system problems arise.

The cause of poor blood circulation is the blockage of blood vessels due to formation of fatty substances called plague which constricts the arterial and venous walls. Thus, the normal flow of blood through the vessels is interrupted, resulting in poor blood circulation.

The consequences of poor blood circulation include high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins, kidney damage and aneurysms.

Poor circulation can invite certain symptoms such as numbness in the extremities of the body, change in basal body temperature, fatigue, vertigo, dry skin, dandruff, headaches, muscle cramps and several others.

Foods to Improve Blood Circulation

Given below is a list of food items which has nutritional qualities that may aid in restoring smooth blood circulation in your body and hence promote your good health.


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Garlic has been sited to be a good blood thinner that helps to improve blood flow to your limbs. You must consume 2 to 4g of garlic cloves pastes per day to get an effective result.

Fibrous foods

Fibrous foods limit the absorption of cholesterol in your blood. Low level of cholesterol, preferably 200mg per day, prevents the development of arterial plaques and hence improves blood circulation through your body. These foods include chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans etc.

Herbal Aid

  •  A therapeutic dose of Korean red ginseng consumed at a dosage of 1,500mg daily, for eight weeks help to cure the symptoms of poor blood circulation. However, it has side-effects and hence you should consult a physician before its intake.
  • Ginkgo biloba, Zingiber officinalis and Rosmarinus officinale (Rosemary) are some herbs which functions to dilate the blood vessels and thus increases blood flow.


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Avocados are fruits containing omega-3 fatty acids which promote good maintenance of cardiovascular system and hence improve blood circulation.

Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates contain flavonoids which naturally improves blood circulation

Sunflower seeds

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These can be consumed as salads or dried and powdered to form capsules. They are rich in vitamin E which prevents blood clot formation, smoothening circulation.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne, available as fresh pepper or dried spice helps to strengthen arteries and increase arterial blood flow. It may be consumed as salads or made into juice.