Legal Expert Anticipates Government Recommendations Will Reduce Instances Of Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

A solicitor specialising in cosmetic surgery litigation believes the recommendations made by Sir Bruce Keogh, who led a government review into the safety of the industry, can improve patient safety and lead to less cases of cosmetic surgery negligence.

As the Healing Foundation and BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) announce the launch of the National Institute of Aesthetic Research (NIAR) – the first recommendation from Sir Bruce Keogh’s review to be implemented – Mike Saul, Partner and Head of Cosmetic Negligence Claims for Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors welcomes this first step to negate cosmetic surgery going wrong.

cosmetic surgery negligenceThe NIAR will manage a programme of research, which BAAPS anticipate will address the lack of data surrounding aesthetic and cosmetic treatments highlighted in the recent Keogh review.

Mike Saul and his team at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has dealt with over 2500 enquiries and handled more than 650 cosmetic surgery claim cases since 2005 following failed cosmetic surgery procedures and been responsible for recovering over £2million in compensation for clients.

(H2)Michael Saul a Leading Solicitorin Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Cases

With an unrivalled knowledge and experience in handling cosmetic surgery negligence cases Michael Saul is well placed to assess the impact that implementation of all the recommendations made by Sir Bruce Keogh could have on the industry. These include:

  • Legislation to classify fillers as prescription only
  • Formal qualifications for anyone who injects fillers or Botox
  • Register of everyone who performs surgical or non-surgical cosmetic interventions
  • Ban on special financial offers for surgery
  • Formal certificate of competence for cosmetic surgeons
  • A breast implant register to monitor patients
  • Patients’ procedures must be approved by a surgeon not a salesperson
  • Compulsory insurance in case things go wrong
  • A pooled fund to help patients when companies go bust

Mike Saul has witnessed a significant 58% year on year rise in cosmetic surgery claims with a significant number of cases relating particularly to breast augmentation and dermal fillers which are both specifically addressed in Sir Bruce Keogh’s recommendations.

As a prominent and respected practitioner specialising in cosmetic surgery negligence, Mike Saul has highlighted the unregulated nature of the cosmetic industry – consistent with Sir Bruce Keogh’s recommendations –which allow inadequately skilled practitioners to carry out procedures which are often trivialised by inappropriate marketing gimmicks.

Mike has contributed to recent articles on BBC online, in the Daily Mail, The Observerand inan array of regional newspapers and most recently appeared on national ITV program‘Tonight: The Real Cost of Beauty’.