Protect and Care for Your Crowning Glory This Summer

Summers are here, and with it the time to be worried about your locks because the summer sun can do irreparable damage to your hair if not protected. The sun can damage your hair during the harsh summer months and cause it to lack all the lustre if left untended.

tips for healthy hair

Follow these simple tips during summer to take care of your hair and keep it what it is- your crowning glory!

1. Cover your hair when you go out in the sun. It is a known fact that exposure to the harsh summer sun can produce a lot of heat in the hair cuticles resulting in the loss of moisture in the hair shaft and breakage by damaging the cuticle. Therefore always cover your head with a scarf when you are out in the sun.

2. Follow grandma’s time tested formula. Oil your hair every week. Take olive oil or coconut oil and warm it a bit. Apply this on your hair an hour before you shampoo your hair. Massage it well from roots to tips of the hair to nourish it and lock in the essential oils in the hair.

3. Shampoo either every day or every alternate day with a mild shampoo to remove the dirt and dead skin from your scalp that cause dandruff. The sweat in the scalp during summers mixes with the oil or sebum and causes flakes in the scalp. Keep your scalp clean and dry.

4. Use a conditioner when you are going out to the beach. Strange as it may sound, lathering on the conditioner before you go to the beach to soak up the sun will save your hair from damage. Leave a few strands without the conditioner and you will have natural highlights in your hair.

5. Another way to keep your hair nourished is to shampoo your hair and slather on some deep conditioning hair treatment cream or mask on your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it on for the whole night. In the morning simple rinse off thoroughly and style as usual.

6. During the summers, try not to blow dry your hair. Let it dry naturally. If at all you need to dry it, do so with the nozzle on in the drier. Also keep the heat low. Dry your hair on your arm to check the heat. If the air is burning your skin, it will surely burn your hair.

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