Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms

Gestational diabetes mellitus is a form of diabetes or high blood sugar which is first diagnosed during pregnancy. The main cause of gestational diabetes mellitus is blocking of the insulin from during its main job by the hormones during pregnancy. When this happens, the level of glucose may increase in the blood of a pregnant woman.  The best way to reduce the gestational diabetes mellitus is by watching your diet and by exercising on a regular basis.Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms

You can talk to your doctor as well as he/she can suggest a proper diet plan to keep the diabetes in control. But before that, it is important to identify the signs of gestational diabetes mellitus.  The following are the given are some of the gestational diabetes mellitus symptoms:

  • Usually there are no symptoms of gestational diabetes mellitus and even if they are, they are quite mild and not life threatening in any way. Infact the blood sugar levels of the pregnant woman may return to normal soon after the delivery of the baby.
  • A common symptom of this diabetes in pregnant woman is blurred vision. If you have suddenly experienced blurred vision during any stage in pregnancy, then you must get your blood sugar level tested.
  • Unexplained fatigue is another symptom of gestational diabetes mellitus.
  • If you are a pregnant woman who is experiencing frequent infections such as bladder infection, skin infection and vagina infection, then in that case too you must get yourself checked for gestational diabetes mellitus.
  • Increased thirst and increased urination are also signs and symptoms of gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnant woman and should be indications of getting diabetes checked or tested.
  • Nausea and vomiting are also some other ways to know that the pregnant woman might be suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus.
  • Weight loss even inspite of an increased appetite could also be a sign of diabetes during pregnancy.

It is important to know that diabetes starts halfway through the pregnancy and all pregnant women should get an oral glucose tolerance test between the 24th and the 28th week of pregnancy.  If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, then you can see how well you are performing by testing glucose at home itself.  This can be done by pricking your finger and putting the drop of blood on a glucose testing machine which will give a clear reading of the glucose level at that time.