ADHD Diet Plan for Children

While it can be a real test of one’s patience to deal with a child who suffers from an attention deficit issue, you can do a lot as a parent. By providing your child with the right kind of guidance, you can actually help him to overcome his challenges, thereby bringing more happiness in the family. Giving a child suffering from ADHD/ADD the right kind of nutrients is one of the most crucial things.ADHD Diet Plan for Children

The ADHD diet plan for children actually works at helping the brain to improve the process of cognition and depress the motor system, thus reducing the restlessness of the child and allowing him to think better.

What Constitutes an ADHD Diet for Children?

It is very difficult these days to find food that is not filled with preservatives and sweeteners and artificial flavors. These can be particularly harmful for ADHD kids and you must choose food that is organic. This also applies to the meat since growth hormones are given to cows and chickens- thus be sure about the place you are purchasing the meat from.

Planning becomes very important when it comes to the diet of an ADHD child. You need to think of the overall nutrition you will be providing, the diet supplements as well as the foods which you will be avoiding.

  • Overall nutrition- Try to give your child a high-protein diet. You can balance meat and eggs with beans and nuts. Plan out the snacks and meals by giving a healthy dose of protein in each. Avoid foods such as corn syrup, sugar, honey, food made from white flour, peeled potatoes since they are high on simple carbohydrate. Choose complex carbohydrates instead such as vegetables and fruits instead. Omega 3 fatty acids also do well.
  • Nutritional supplements- According to some researchers, children with ADHD need complete nutritional supplements with regards to vitamins and minerals since they often refuse to eat the right kind of food and in the right portions. However, you must never start giving something without consulting a specialist.
  • Foods to Avoid- Junk food. It is the first thing that should be out of your list of foods to be eaten. Caffeine and sugar increase hyperactive tendencies in some children with ADHD, thus is it best to avoid these.

Other general hints on planning a diet for your child with ADHD include trying to getting your child involved in preparing the food and coming up with experimental dishes which do not destroy nutrients. You don’t need to worry if the child refuses to have the entire portion at once- he can come back and have it later.