The Importance of Anger Management

Anger is not bad in itself and each of us feels it to a larger or lesser degree. How you express and manage that anger however is what is important and which can result in problems.Anger-

In a sense anger can be useful – it can make you think more optimistically and give you the courage to face problems. However it can be problematic if your optimism is misplaced. The anger may make a problem seem smaller than it actually is. Anger can also cause you to act out of character. For instance your boss did something that made you furious.

While in the grip of that anger, you decide to have a confrontation, something that you may not have done in your ‘saner’ moments; meaning that anger can cause one to behave differently and take risks that one wouldn’t otherwise.

Anger can negatively impact interpersonal relationships and can color judgment making a person feel an unfair bias against others. Anger doesn’t promote analytical thinking and causes a person to act in haste.

Though there is the theory that expression of anger can be cathartic and may make you feel better, there is the problem of expression of anger.

Expressing anger can often involve shouting, violence or abusive behavior; this is conduct that is not only frowned on by society but which may also cause the person to feel ashamed and out of control themselves.

Expression of anger can also have other negative consequences such as lower quality of professional and interpersonal relationships; reduced productivity and increased stress.

So an instinctive and unfettered expression of anger can be bad for all concerned. Is the suppression of anger better? Well that is unhealthy as well, psychologists long having told us about the dangers of bottling up anger. Pent up anger will have to find release somewhere and it may just be, that the next thing to irritate you may become the scapegoat; a needless recipient for an angry outpouring.

The possibility that anger could lead to self harm is also a very considerable danger.

Anger, its suppression or inappropriate expression can affect health as well – it can increase chances of getting depressed, it can slow down the body’s healing process, poorer heart health, and interpersonal relationships. Blood pressure problems, even ulcers and other health issues can be traced back to inappropriate or inadequate anger management.