Best Antidote to Hangover Is Coffee and an Aspirin

If you are wondering which one of a traditional fry up, that disgusting raw egg combination or a Bloody Mary is the best hang over remedy, well, it’s none of these. The best antidote to the morning after the night before is what we have always suspected – a coffee and an aspirin!

Though we are often told that a coffee is a no-no for a hangover because it serves to dehydrate the system even more, coffee is in fact effective for curing a hangover, says Professor Michael Oshinsky, researcher at the Thomas Jefferson University.

The reason why we get those headaches after a night of heavy drinking is because alcohol (or ethanol) gives rise to chemical acetate in the system that negatively impacts people even in less quantity.

Coffee and aspirin are effective against these headaches because they block the acetate and get rid of the pain of the headache.

Before this, caffeinated drinks were advised against because they cause further dehydration through Diuresis; and anti inflammatory and other painkillers were advised against because they could cause further stomach upsets after a night when you have already over indulged.