The Wealthy May Live Longer, Say Scientists

It is a fact that due to several different social and economic factors, wealthier people tend to live longer than poorer people, but there is more to it say scientists – there is a longevity hormone called DHEAS–or dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, which is also more commonly found among the wealthier people of the population.

DHEAS is a natural steroid in the body and those who have higher levels of this are seen to exercise more, have better and closer ties with friends and family, have more hobbies and also live longer.

This hormone as well as another hormone linked to growth, IGF-I, were seen to occur in higher levels among richer people and were seen to control reactions to stress as well as help regulate the body.

Scientists were surprised to find that the DHEAS hormone “predicts life expectancy and also follows a social gradient” – the explanation for this strange phenomenon may be that those who are wealthy, also have the resources and the time to eat well, to exercise appropriately, to stay closer to friends and family and enjoy different pass times as well, thereby letting the person live a longer and healthier life.

What is good news for all of us though, is that DHEAS could be artificially produced in the future, offering us all hope of a longer life.