Recipes Instead Of Prescriptions? Good Idea!

This article envisages some interesting scenarios; where hospitals have teaching kitchens and doctors offer recipes rather than prescriptions!

It is a motivating thought of Dr. David Eisenberg that when patients have completed the treatment for which they were admitted to hospital, they should receive some instructions on cooking; trade in their hospital gowns or aprons for a while so to speak.

Dr Eisenberg wants to Get America Cooking and wants that it should be doctors that spearhead that movement.

Cooking is the key to battling obesity and several other medical conditions according to the doctor and the doctors should inspire and equip their patients with the knowledge and the knowhow to eat healthy.

It is a valid point that many patients are overwhelmed by the idea of “getting dinner on the table” and that “culinary literacy” has plummeted in recent times. Whereas earlier, cooking meant cutting, chopping, peeling, and then assembly, stirring and so on, now it often just means “defrosting”.

We know that fresh fruit, veggies and whole grains are good for us and our health; but we really don’t know what to do with them anymore.

People simply don’t know how to cook anymore and these people can find a doctors’ enthusiasm for cooking to be both infectious as well as inspiring!