The Health Care Bill Is Passed – What Does It Mean For You?

As the health care reform bill finally was passed it is natural to wonder how it impacts the average American. According to the White House Website,

  • For those that have insurance through work, will have their plan strengthened and there will be added protection from insurance provider abuse. There will be no need to change coverage as one does not desire to do so.
  • People who are covered for health insurance by their employer will likely see a drop in premiums paid.
  • Administrative costs will be reduced, there will be more competition between the insurance companies and there will be a larger total number of Americans who are insured.
  • The language used in the insurance policy will have to be simple so there is no ambivalence about coverage and benefits.
  • Companies providing insurance will not be able to put a lifetime limit on the amount of care they are required to pay for.
  • Adult children living at home (up to age 26) will be included in the family policy.
  • One of the concerns of the health care plan is that the immediacy of the doctor patient relationship will be negatively impacted. However, you will continue to have the choice of doctors that you currently have, you do not have to change him or your coverage at work.

Source: foodconsumer