Shark Cartilage For Arthritis And Cancer?

The cartilage, which is what the skeleton of a shark is made up of, is processed to produce a supplement that is thought to have various different curative/preventive uses.

This post points out the possible uses of shark cartilage to check cancer as well as arthritis. This is how it could be seen to help:

  • Shark cartilage is a good source of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which are required for good bone health, the proper functioning of the body’s organs, and several other vital functions. Due to high content of these minerals, it is advisable to balance this supplement with magnesium to balance out.
  • There has been some evidence to suggest arthritis sufferers got some relief from shark cartilage supplements by reducing inflammation without suffering any adverse effect.
  • A certain protein in shark cartilage known to be angiogenesis-inhibiting is seen to inhibit the development of tumors by preventing nutrients from reaching the tumor thereby retarding their growth.
  • Things to keep in mind with this supplement are that it may not work for everyone, and excess dosage may cause constipation, low blood pressure nausea and fatigue. Also it is not suitable for heart patients, pregnant women, or those with kidney problems.