Effective Home Remedies For Your Kids’ Earache

Earache is a common affliction in kids, causing much distress.

It arises from an infection in the ear which could be as a result of a cold, sinus infection, bacterial infection or build-up of wax or fluid.

Home remedies have proved highly effective and popular in treating earaches.

Home remedies are increasingly being adopted alongside conventional medical treatments.

Many times, home remedies are available in the home, are cheap and do not require much effort to prepare.

Few side effects are associated with home remedies, making them popular with many people.

Effective home remedies for earache in kids

  • Diet ― ensure plenty of fresh fruits in the diet, especially those rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, grapes, grapefruit, and guavas. Tomato juice is also rich in vitamin C which is very effective in fighting off ear infections as it works well in boosting the immune system. Vitamin C also works to lessen the inflammation and fever associated with an earache.
  • It is widely thought that dairy products aggravate earache so it’s best to avoid giving them to your kid when afflicted by earache.
  • Onion juice ― make some onion juice by cutting up a small onion and mixing with boiled water. Once cooled, drain off the juice. Put some 2-3 drops into the affected ear. It works well to ease the pain and alleviate distress.
  • Ginger ― crush some fresh ginger and mix with boiling water. When it cools, insert 4-5 drops into the affected ear to help ease the pain. It works well.
  • Garlic and mustard oil ― get two bulbs of fresh garlic and mix with two teaspoonfuls of mustard oil. Apply some heat until the color of the mixture becomes black. Once it cools and is still warm, take a few drops and apply on the side of the aching ear. It effectively eases aching. Mustard oil also acts as a preventative for earache. Putting a few drops of the warm oil daily into the ears decreases the risk of ear infections in kids.
  • Sesame oil and garlic ― mix one teaspoonful of sesame oil with a few bulbs of garlic and heat slightly. Take about 3 drops of the oil and insert into one ear, ensuring the oil penetrates right into the ear. Subsequently, insert a few drops into the second ear.
  • Olive oil ― when warmed slightly and a few drops are inserted in the ear it works well as a remedy for earache.
  • Basil leaves ― grind the leaves and mix with some hot water to make a paste. When it has cooled and is warm, insert 2-3drops into the aching ear. It helps to relieve the aching ear.

Learn how to treat earache in kids naturally. All the above are effective home remedies that are popularly used with reported success.