The Hidden Benefits Of A Salt Bath

A soft skin, the velvet like feeling on it, relaxation, health and especially saying “fair well” to stress are all the benefits of a salt bath.

It is an affordable way to spoil ourselves and all of us should try it more often, especially because we can only win from it.

As I experienced by myself the salt baths regulate certain organic functions and help cure a considerable number of diseases.

The bath salt can be found in a great number of presentations: sparkling, spicy, sulfa-iodide with herbs, effervescence, colored, etc…

As it is common knowledge that the daily stress is the main responsible for all our health problems, a relaxing bath can and will improve our body functions and that is why we must take time to enjoy it.

The right way to take a salt bath is to get under the warm water and let the ingredients of the bath get inside your body, which under the heat of the water turns into a “sponge” and allows the substances to work their way and reach a benefic effect.

I am especially fond of the process of meditating inside the bath water. It is the most common way to relax, my very own oasis of silence, the moment when my body can get rid of the tensions built during the day.

A healthy bath is drawn by pouring in the bath tub around 100-150 grams of aromatic salt and letting the water pour until the level in which your body is completely submerged is reached.

The bath salt with medicinal plants extract is the perfect remedy for a lot of health problems from headache to cancer and helps a lot the body to resist damaging or overwhelming treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

I have experienced this during my own chemotherapy period and I remember how wonderful I felt after an evening herbal bath.

The natural powers of the plants are transferred in the essential oils that are released when the bath salt dissolves. I must say that the essential oils help reducing the body toxins at the skin level and releases the spine pressure.

The most common plants used for therapeutic baths are chamomile, sage, lavender, mint, eucalyptus, basil, rosemary, the combination of pine, rose and violets oil and of course the aromatized sea salt.

Before I started using salt baths I was tested for cardiovascular and circulatory problems and only after that I was allowed to make the best of this relaxing experience.

This is how I have found out that hot salt baths are forbidden to the patients with heart and blood pressure problems.

It goes without question that it is also forbidden to the one having contagious skin diseases like chicken pox or other related affections.

I used to take effervescence baths during both of my pregnancies because my doctor told me that the baby also feels the extensive relaxation these baths give the body.

During the last trimester of pregnancy when my babies were quite restless an effervescence bath always helped them relax and helped me get a good night sleep.

I have found for myself that our body responds to both bad and good stimulus and the more powerful they are, the stronger is the reaction our body has.

After experiencing it for many years, I must say that salt baths are a nice and affordable way to find relaxation and a remedy at hand for anyone.