How To Ensure You Stay Herpes-Free When Your Partner Is Infected And How To Decipher The Herpes Myths?

You are seeing someone exclusively and they have confided in you that they have herpes.

At first it was definitely a shock but you love them and want to stay together so you know there are steps you need to take to ensure you do not contract herpes.

There are also many myths about herpes that we need to clarify for you.

First of all it is possible to get herpes even if your partner isn’t having an outbreak. And yes it is possible to get oral herpes on your mouth by giving your male partner oral sex and yes it is possible to give and receive oral herpes if you give your female partner oral sex.

The safest ways to be intimate with your partner who is infected with herpes simplex virus are not completely 100% safe, they are obviously better than using nothing at all.

First of all you must always use condoms when involved in sexual intercourse. Secondly, if you are a woman and your male partner has genital herpes you must use condoms when performing oral sex on him. This is why they make flavored condoms.

If you are male and your female partner is infected with herpes you will need to use a dental dam when performing oral sex on her. Condoms and dental dams are sold in pharmacies around the country; there is no excuse not to use them.

The biggest herpes myth is that you cannot contract herpes if your partner does not have an outbreak. This is not true. This is like saying if you are near someone who has a cold you cannot contract the cold unless they are sneezing. It may be less likely to contract herpes unless they have an outbreak but it is still very, very possible.

There are very effective herpes medications on the market. While they are somewhat costly, yes, they are designed to keep the herpes outbreaks to a minimum.

Did you know herpes outbreaks are more common when the person infected is stressed out, has a poor diet and has a lower immune system?

Essentially with proper diet and exercise, consistently taking medication and applying topical medication at the first sign of an outbreak, an individual infected with herpes can keep their outbreaks to a minimum.

But always remember you can contract herpes even when your partner does not have an outbreak so always practice safe sex!