What Causes Hyperuricemia Or High Uric Acid Levels?

Hyperuricemia is a condition defined by the body having too much uric acid in the blood.

Uric Acid is formed during the digestion and processing of certain types of food.

However, some people experience high levels of uric acid and may begin to have health problems.

Gout is one of the common occurrences if the uric acid levels get too high in your blood. Gout is a type of arthritis that causes pain and stiffness in the joints.

While it is possible to treat gout and find relief, it is better to keep your uric acid levels under control and avoid in development to begin with.

What Causes High Uric Acid Levels?

Uric acid is normally found within the blood stream. It is formed in the blood stream as a normal part of processing foods that contain purine. Once it is formed, the body passes the substance on to the kidneys where it is excreted in your urine.

Uric acid levels may become too high if the body’s kidneys cannot excrete as much uric acid as is formed. This could be due to a kidney condition or chronic renal failure.

However, the body may produce excessive amounts of uric acid if you eat a large amount of food containing purine. Foods such as red meat and shell fish contain high levels of purine. In a small number of cases high uric acid levels can be caused by a genetic defect.

How Is Hyperuricemia Diagnosed?

Hyperuricemia, or a high uric acid level, can be discovered during a simple blood test. In many cases this condition is found while completing normal blood tests or tests performed to diagnose a certain condition.

In many cases having a high uric acid level will produce no signs or symptoms. However, in extreme cases the condition may lead to kidney failure or damage. If you are having problems urinating or with kidney pain your doctor may order blood tests to confirm a diagnosis.

Treatment Options for High Uric Acid Levels

The first step in lowering the amount of uric acid in your blood is finding out why the level is high.

If the amount of uric acid in your blood is caused by eating too much food with purine, the obvious solution would be to eat less of those foods. However, if the high level is because of a genetic defect you may need medication to lower the levels.

In order to lower your uric acid levels you need to talk with your doctor and have a few simple tests completed. In some cases you may need to change the way you manage a kidney disease.

For example, a certain medication may be causing part of the problem. Never discontinue your medications without first speaking with your doctor.

Having a high amount of uric acid in your blood is not life threatening over a short period. However, if left untreated it can lead to painful joint problems including gout.