Processed Meat Associated With Heart Disease Threat

A study that had been carried out over a ten year period, has found that Americans that eat more processed and red meat will die before those that eat less.

Heart disease and cancer are much bigger risks for those who over indulge in beef.

The National Cancer Institute had a large number of half a million subjects who filled out questionnaires detailing all aspects of their lives.

From the amount of exercise, diet [Healthy heart diet], whether they smoked or not, the group aged between fifty and seventy were tracked.

Over the ten years of the research all deaths were noted and examined against the data held on each individual. Consumption of red meat varied greatly between well below one ounce per day to a more hefty four ounces.

Fifty years ago eating red meat was a luxury for most of the population of the United States but since then its consumption has increased by 100 %.

Alarmingly this new study has discovered that a million and a half citizens’ deaths could have been prevented if their diets had been different.

These are cold hard facts that hopefully people will react to and try to make a change. As if to suggest an obvious alternative, the findings proved that eating more fish and poultry as well as greater intake of vegetables and fruit actually meant people lived for a longer length of time.

Individuals who ate a high amount of red meat, also tended towards less exercise and were more likely to be smokers and in general take less care of themselves. It would seem that an awareness campaign is badly needed to address these issues and ultimately save lives.