Simply Eating Right Stops Us From Ageing

Health experts are encouraging all those people who do not want to feel that they are getting old, that aging can in fact be controlled directly by each individual.

A professor from the University of California-San Francisco explained that it is not precisely actual age that determines how old we look, rather the complex interaction between our genes and lifestyle.

We can in fact stem the aging process by certain changes in our lifestyle, which will contribute to a healthier function of our cellular reproduction, hence the way we look on the outside.

Ideally, exercising regularly, healthy eating habits, together with a solid social assistance and giving up any bad habits such as excessive drinking and smoking will have direct consequences on how old we look.

Research has also found that the levels of an enzyme ‘telomerase’, which slows down the aging of cells and prevents cancer, can be increased with a healthy diet low in fat, exercising as well as relaxation therapies.

The research demonstrated that those patients who changed their lifestyle and eating habits, substituting the fat and sugar intake with vegetables, fruit, whole grain wheat products in addition to exercise stood a 30 percent better chance of fighting against aging and cancer, due to the increase of telomerase levels.

Healthy people can also make some minor changes to prevent healthy cells degenerating, by lowering their percentage of fat intake, meditation and regular exercising, boosting the production of a protein (SIRT1), which repairs and protects the DNA in our bodies, lengthening our life by more than twenty percent. A lower level of sugar in the blood will also improve our memory.