Do You Have A Habit Of Smoking? Be Aware With Mouth Cancer!

Did you notice any pale lump in your mouth that doesn’t seem to heal? Then try to pay more attention to it, as it can be a warning sign of mouth cancer.

Mouth and upper part of throat are the two major parts of your body that plays a vital role in many important functions of your body like breathing, chewing, swallowing, etc.

So, any damage to the cells present in these major parts can certainly leads to oral or mouth cancer.

Oral or mouth cancer is the sixth most common cancer affecting people worldwide. If you are over 45 years, you can be at increased risk of developing mouth cancer.

Even, it is believed that men are more prone to develop mouth cancer than women. So, be aware with this mouth cancer.

Know more about the factors that can increase your risk!

In most cases, people who smoke a lot are at much increased risk of developing mouth cancer. Apart from smoking or using tobacco, there are certain factors that can increase the risk of mouth or oral cancer. Some of the most common factors possibly include:

  • Excessive alcohol intake: Alcohol mainly damages the cells present inside your mouth and also upper throat. It is estimated that almost 3/4th cases of mouth cancer are mainly due to excessive alcohol consumption. When you have habit of drinking too much alcohol along with smoking or using tobacco, then you can increase your risk of developing cancer by six-fold.
  • Human papilloma virus: This is a group of sexually transmitted viruses that is linked to most of the cervical cancer cases. Most of the experts determine that this HPV virus is one among the five most common causes of mouth or oral cancer.
  • Prolonged or over exposure to ultra violet radiation: Too much exposure to ultra violet radiation is quite harmful for the cells present in the lining of your mouth or lips. This prolonged exposure potentially leads you to develop mouth and also lip cancer.

Identify early signs to avoid further complications!

Early signs of mouth cancer are almost invisible and make you to easily ignore them. So, to increase your chances of survival it is very important for you to detect mouth cancer in early stages and get right treatment at right time. Here are certain manifestations that can help you a lot in identifying mouth cancer in early stages.

  • Difficulty in swallowing, chewing or moving your jaw or tongue.
  • A sore or lump that resemble ulcer in your mouth [mouth ulcer], which doesn’t heal even after 3 weeks of occurrence.
  • Unusual bleeding, pain or numbness in mouth.
  • White or red patches on the gums, lining of the mouth or tongue.

Even bad breath, tooth loosening or any feeling that something is caught in your throat are certain most common signs of mouth cancer.

So, whenever you find these signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, immediately consult your doctor to get right treatment at right time.