Are You Suffering With Plantar Warts?

——-Here are some methods to get rid of warts!

Are you worried with your plantar warts? Plantar warts are non cancerous skin growths and also they are not at all serious health concern for you.

But, because of these plantar warts, you can face certain degree of pain.

Plantar warts are mainly caused by a type of virus that usually invades your skin through a minor or microscopic cut or abrasion on the sole of your foot.

Usually, the pressure of your weight flattens them inside your foot. They are covered by callus, which appears like tiny black spots on the surface of wart.

Recognize them at early stages!

Plantar wart usually appears at the balls of your foot or around your heel. You can easily feel the lump as you walk, but surprisingly when you look at the wart it appears to be flat.

Usually a plantar wart looks like a callus, as it is covered by a callus tissue due to frequent pressure of walking.

At times, it can become quite tough task for you to recognize plantar warts. However, here are certain simple ways to identify warts in your foot.

  • A bump that greatly interrupts your normal lines and ridges beneath the skin of your foot is the most common sign of plantar warts.
  • If you notice any smooth surface with grayish yellow or brown in color in your foot, then it can be certainly a plantar wart.
  • Firm lesions with tiny pinpoint dark spots inside your foot can also indicate that you have warts in your foot.

Try these methods to get rid of plantar warts!

Several methods actually includes in the removal of warts from your foot. Some of the most effective and useful methods can mainly include:

  • Using salicylic acid: Salicylic acid is readily available in any drug store. Daily apply salicylic acid to the wart and rub the dead skin from the wart. You can apply this either as solution or as a patch. If you are suffering with severe pain, you can apply this for two times in a day.
  • Hot water treatment: Though it may take several months to get rid of warts with this hot water treatment, you can use it to treat your plantar warts [Treating warts] in much better way. In this treatment, immerse the affected area in hot water for 90 minutes every day. This can also be helpful for you to avoid other infections of foot in future.
  • Applying vitamin A: Vitamin A capsules are available at any drug store. So, purchase them from your nearer drug store and break to open the capsule. Now, you can squeeze the liquid inside the capsule on the wart. Even, using this method can take several months to get rid completely from plantar warts.

When the warts are very severe, then your doctor can recommend minor surgery or immunotherapy to treat plantar warts.