Hemochromatosis: An Abnormal Health Condition Associated With Overdose Of Iron!

Of all the minerals, which you consume every day, iron plays a vital role in maintaining good health in your entire course of life.

Generally, most of you mainly concentrate on those vitamins and minerals, which are quite good for your health.

But be aware, even over consumption of these essential minerals like iron also leads to various health disorders like hemochromatosis.

The manufactures of every thing from cereals, which you take in breakfast, to vitamin syrups, usually tell us that iron plays a vital role in building rich blood cells.

But, when this essential mineral becomes overloaded in your body, then it can eventually leads to hemochromatosis. In most of the cases, hemochromatosis is hereditary and causes very serious problems in affected people.

Certain manifestations involved with this hemochromatosis such as fatigue, abdominal pain, high blood sugar levels can usually disappear in your mid life even though if they occur at your earlier stages of life.

Hemochromatosis also develops through heredity!

If you are affected with hemochromatosis, which is caused due to heredity, then you don’t have signs or symptoms of this over loaded iron disorder. In persons with hereditary hemochromatosis, daily absorption of iron from intestines considerably increases than it is actually required for your body.

Since the normal body cannot increase the level of iron excretion, the iron which you absorb through your regular diet gets accumulated in your body. With this rate of iron accumulation, a person with hemochromatosis can eventually accumulate 20gms of total body iron by 40 or 50 years of age.

So, this excess iron in your body mainly leads to develop various symptoms of hemochromatosis including arthritis, heart problems, and high blood sugar levels.

Essential dietary changes involved in the treatment of hemochromatosis!

  • You can follow your routine balanced diet without including any kind of iron containing foods.
  • Always stay away from alcohol, as it can increase your risk of developing serious manifestations involved in hemochromatosis such as liver cancer and cirrhosis.
  • Be cautious with ingestion of higher levels of vitamin C, which can significantly lead you to develop fatal and abnormal heart rhythms.
  • Also, stay away from raw seafood, as most of the patients with hemochromatosis are at higher levels of developing bacterial infections, which can gradually flourish in iron rich environment.

So, try to be aware of all these dietary changes, which are very important in order to avoid all sort of complications associated with this over loaded iron disorder.