Health News On 02 Sept 2007

  • Aluminum In Breast Tissue: A Possible Factor In The Cause Of Breast Cancer
    A new study has identified a regionally-specific distribution of aluminum in breast tissue which may have implications for the cause of breast cancer.
  • Molecular Pathway May Predict Chemotherapy
    A common molecular pathway could help physicians predict which lung cancer patients will benefit from chemotherapy drugs, according to new research from a multidisciplinary team at the University of Cincinnati (UC).
  • Lack Of Sleep Among New School-Goers Leads To Behavioral, Cognitive Problems
    The first investigation of developmental sleep duration patterns throughout childhood shows that children just beginning school and who get little sleep are more likely to have behavioral and cognitive problems in the classroom, according to a new study.
  • FDA Approves New Smallpox Vaccine
    The approval of a new vaccine against smallpox was announced Saturday by the Food and Drug Administration, which says the shots could be made quickly if the virtually extinct virus reappears.
  • Investigating Spontaneous Recovery From Hepatitis C Virus Infection
    More than 3% of the world population is infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV). The outcome of HCV infections is either self recovery or chronic hepatitis, and many of the chronic infections will develop into liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. Since there is no cure for chronic hepatitis C, nor is there any approved vaccine for this virus, hepatitis C is currently a major health problem worldwide.