Diagnosing Bipolar Depression Symptoms

Most of the patients with bipolar depression symptoms are improperly diagnosed.

Regularly they go to see a doctor for what seem like ordinary depression when what they have is bipolar depression symptoms.

Sometimes, they visit a doctor with symptoms of hypomania and can mistakenly receive a diagnosis of ADHD or a similar disorder.

Here the most important thing you need to understand is, as patient depression symptoms are not as simple as diagnosing a disease and treating it with proper medications to feel better.

If this were the case then scientists would have a better understanding of how to treat depression symptoms or at the very least prevent them.

At present there is no medical test for depression symptoms. To diagnose the depression symptoms, a psychiatrist will usually conduct the following:

  • The first thing your doctor will do is, he will conduct a physical examination and note down about your medical history.
  • After that a complete psychiatric history which includes some other mental disorders that you has. He will ask you about your family medical history as mood disorders can be caused by genetic conditions.
  • After that he will evaluate about your present depression symptoms. If you don’t have any history of mania, then the existing symptoms must be those of mania or hypomania for a diagnosis of bipolar depression.

In this way bipolar depression can be diagnosed and according to the diagnosed symptoms your doctor will suggest you proper treatment to get relief.

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