Preparing To Control Asthma Symptoms

Preparing to face the worst is a part of everybody’s life.

But for those who are suffering with asthma symptoms it is absolute necessary.

Keeping your home free of allergens and having a number of inhalers only an arms length in your house will avoid your asthma symptom for some extent.

You will be safe until when you are in home, but what about when you are not at home.

Taking inhalers and nebulizers:

Leaving the house without having an inhaler can make your symptoms worse. In order to avoid this, place extra inhalers in the places where you visit quite often such as in the car, at work, and at family and friends houses. Ladies can also keep one permanently in their handbag or in a jacket pocket.

Sometimes people with severe asthma symptoms cannot control their condition with normal medication and they can’t work as well as when taken during an attack. So, in those cases having a nebulizer is very beneficial.

Nebulizer is a simple machine that can be purchased at most of the large pharmacies and it helps you to breath by lubricating the airways of the lungs. Some of the nebulizers are handy and you can keep them in the car or at your work place as an extra precaution when you are out of your home.

Another way to help with your asthma symptoms is finding about the places you are going to before you actually get there. You should know what triggers your asthma symptom so that you can find out if that specific allergen may be present where you are going.

Thinking about your condition and what might trigger your attack can help to avoid certain situations or allows you to take medications along with you.

Follow the below steps to prevent asthma symptoms:

  • Always have an inhaler with you wherever you go. Keep spare ones in your car, work places and the places where you visit very often.
  • Know about any potential allergens before you visit somewhere new. Even air fresheners can also cause your asthma symptom to be worse.
  • Think twice about the things you are going to do and avoid anything that may be too strenuous. Stay away from activities of outdoor or in cold air.
  • It is better to buy a medical bracelet so that people around you will be able to understand your severe asthma symptom that makes your breathing very difficult.

Taking your medications:

  • In addition to the use of inhalers, you should also use prescribed medications such as corticosteroids that need to be used consistently in order to prevent asthma symptoms.
  • Make the habit of taking the medications at the same time each day, so that you will be beneficial as much as possible.
  • The prescription corticosteroids will depend on the severity of your asthma symptom. Most of them are to be used first in the morning and again at night.
  • Construct a chart which describes you when to take the medications and when to use the inhaler so that the chart can remind you to take them each morning and night.

In addition to the above things, a doctor’s visit is also necessary. He suggests you the proper dosages to avoid asthma symptom.

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