Alternative Therapies For Asthma Prevention

So, till now you have tried prescription medicines, natural remedies and herbs for asthma prevention.

But no cure after using these treatment methods!

Then you can consider alternative treatments that are available today for asthma prevention.

The most commonly used alternative therapy for asthma prevention is ayurveda.

This word comes from two Sanskrit words named as Ayur means life and veda means knowledge. So, the word ayurveda can be defined as knowledge or science of life.

Ayurveda can be used by many practitioners in India for over 5000 years for treating many chronic illnesses. Ayurveda uses natural herbal and mineral remedies, along with a number of other forms of treatment including diets, exercise regimes, yoga and breathing exercises, medications, and lifestyle changes. The main aim of ayurvedic medicine is to maintain the body’s balance and to break up the physical illness.

When you consult an “ayurvedic specialist”, he will conduct a detailed interview about your history and lifestyle changes and a set of contribution factors for your asthma. After the complete examination he will prescribe you a unique program of ayurvedic treatment for your asthma prevention. This consists of various standards and you must follow each of these to achieve best results.

Ayurveda for asthma prevention:

  • Ayurveda is used in order to treat an irritated throat with a feeling of dryness that affects the bronchial trees. If the condition is untreated it will lead to a decrease in air circulation around the lungs.
  • Used to balance the over-reactive bronchi as it creates an abundance of toxins. This causes an obstruction in the bronchial system which leads to a difficulty breathing and excessive thirst. These symptoms can be treated with ayurvedic medicine.
  • To avoid the excessive lubrication and imbedded impurities as it leads to an over-production of mucus and clogging of the bronchial system.

Your practitioner will suggest you a plan for asthma prevention. This plan includes strict diet, an exercise program, and nutritional supplements if needed.

You need to include yoga, Pilates, medications and breathing exercises along with your regular routine for successful asthma prevention. This program strengthens your muscles, including your lungs, before attempting anything more serious. In addition to these, your diet should be limited to only some foods in order to maintain the balance.

Follow the diet and exercise program at least for six months because breaking this plan can cause the condition to reverse.

Benefits of ayurvedic medicine in asthma prevention:

  • The greatest benefit of ayurvedic medicine is that it can integrate with your conventional prescribed medications.
  • Following ayurvedic medicine for six months will be beneficial in asthma prevention.
  • When you are taking ayurvedic medicine, you will observe a great improvement in your symptoms thus you can reduce the daily dosage of prescription medications.

Your ayurvedic practitioner may also suggest you some herbal supplements in addition to the diet and exercise program. Also you need to make some lifestyle changes for successful asthma prevention. Use relaxation methods to calm your muscles.

Ayurveda is an alternative therapy that gives a healthy balanced life. Millions of people in India use the principle of ayurveda in order to treat a huge number of chronic diseases.

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