Arthritis Medications For Better Pain Relief

You can find several substances and ingredients, combinations that are effective in dealing with arthritis pain and symptoms.

Arthritis medications may not be suitable for everyone.

Long-term use of arthritis pain medication can cause contra-indicators, drug-interactions, allergies, and some side effects.

Analgesics used as arthritis medicine can give partial or temporary relief.

Self-managing the pain and the feelings about the disease are the two vital components of getting better results. Apart from the type and severity of the arthritis that you are suffering from, remedies are there which greatly helps you in dealing and coping better and effectively.

Here are some ways that arthritis medications can possibly help you live better with AR and cope with the pain on a temporary/more permanent measure:

  • Rather than waiting for the symptoms to appear and control them, it is better to deal the symptoms if and when they start.
  • Take pain killers to live and working in your day-to-day activities.
  • Manage the pain and don’t wait until it gets very severe and don’t allow the pain to take over your life.
  • When you have severe pain and you feel there is nothing else to dull it, you can use the medications.

Here are some arthritis medicines:

Narcotics for your arthritis treatment and pain:

  • This arthritis medication effectively act as blockers of the central nervous system, reduces your pain, and makes you deal better with the challenges and severity of some attacks.
  • But it is not for long-term use, mostly effective for short-term.
  • You can take it for instant pain relief.
  • Long-term use can greatly affect your digestive tract.

NSAIDs – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

  • NSAID is an effective arthritis medication for a wide range of problems and levels of severity.
  • Ideal method for hands-on self management and self-medication
  • For coping with symptoms like redness, soreness, pain, swelling and stiffness, these are perfect medications.
  • This arthritis medicine is not suitable for all.
  • You need to consider the side effects and interactions of these drugs.
  • This arthritis pain medication provides temporary relief from symptoms.
  • Long-term use can be dangerous to kidneys and heart.


  • Effective for both inflammation and swelling, as well as for pain relief
  • It is considered as an ideal short-term arthritis pain medication.
  • You can take them orally or through cortisone injections.

Totally don’t depend on painkillers to cope with the symptoms this disease puts on your body and joints.

Some topical relief strategies:

When you want to apply things from outside to stimulate blood flow, to cope from the symptoms and pain, you can opt for creams, gels, sprays, etc. to help with pain relief.

  • These are easy to use and convenient.
  • They are less risky than OTC, prescription, pharmaceutical medications.
  • Those who have sensitive skin, hypo-allergenic, and no anti-inflammatories, have wide choices and options available.
  • These typically have no severe side effects.
  • They are most effective when combined with heat/cold alternative therapies.
  • You have to apply it over and over again.

A drawback with these arthritis medications is that the relief is temporary. It may not be suitable for all of you. Some allergic reactions may occur and for those who have sensitive skin, they can get affected with these medications.

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