8 Effective Fitness Tips for Working Women to Stay Fit and Healthy

Today, women are no longer confined within the kitchen walls and the ‘working woman’ periphery has broadened in every way. Not only the regular office goers, the women who have their own business ventures, work from home or even are associated with public welfare sectors are considered as working and have the urge to stay a healthy and fit life.

Unfortunately, handling the chores of home and work does not leave any choice for fitness regime and this leads to obesity and fatigue. However, balancing between personal and professional life with a regular physical exercise can be surely done and here we shall endow you with some of the effective tips to remain fit keeping your office and home duties intact –

fitness tips for working women to stay fit and healthy

Regularise Treadmill

This is a magic machine that reduces weight at the fastest pace. Just try to do 10 minutes of treadmill daily and 3-5 pound of dumbbell lifting in each hand. Do a brisk walk for better effect. Each of the bicep and tricep extensions, standing triceps, side laterals should be done one minute each. Again 5 minute walk on the treadmill briskly. This tones your body and also keeps your heart healthy.

Keep yourself Active Throughout the Day

Walk as much as possible during the day; if your work is restricted to typing and seated position make sure you take frequent breaks of even 5-7 minutes and walk briskly. Walk for a while after your lunch and then get back to your desk. This small step can make a big difference, just do and check out!

Rely on Healthy Snacks

Yoghurt, fruits, boiled vegetables should be considered in your meal. However working women need snacks in the intervals to keep up the energy levels. You have many healthy snacks in the market like the oat biscuits, packaged corns, almonds and other nuts that would energise you but not add unnecessary fat.

Eat a Good and Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you just cannot skip it to get thin. It is the wildest idea to stay fit! Fresh fruits that have high glucose content, eggs, a glass of milk or health drink, or a bowl of cereal with dry fruits in it should be sufficient.

Plenty of Water

There is a technique called water therapy that not only aims at losing excess fat but also helps in flushing out toxins from the body that is essentially needed. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day to prevent dehydration or any other health disorder.

Never Overdo Anything

One hour of regular exercise is more than enough; thus if you are sweating at the gym for 3 hours every day you will only get exhausted and start neglecting your other duties. Make a proper time frame for exercising and your other jobs.

Healthy Scheduling

To remain fit and healthy, you need to be relaxed at your mind as well. Bringing work at home is one of the unhealthiest habits that can make you frustrated, sick and fatigued very soon! Complete your office chores within the time limit.

Relax Amidst Work

Use a sponge ball or rubber band for finger exercises at your work station, when you are doing some reading job and not using your hands. Spread out your fingers and move them in different directions, creating stress at the joints. Do this for 5 days and see the difference while you perform any hand job.

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are some more considerations that should be kept in mind if you are a working woman. Go for regular medical visits and check if everything is fine. Pay attention to what you are eating and your nutritional intake. Make sure you have a social life that entertains you and keeps you cheerful.