8 Tips to Avoid Vision Disorders

Vision disorders are becoming more and more common with the passing years. A wide percentage of population suffers from vision disorders, however big or small they may be in severity.  Vision disorders can result from hereditary issues, genetic reasons, the changing environment and many other reasons.  But there are many steps that one can take to prevent vision disorders.

Early detection of vision problems is also very important as it helps to cure the problem in the best possible way. The following are the 8 best tips to avoid vision disorders:

tips to avoid vision disorders

  1. One of the best ways to avoid suffering from any kind of vision disorder is to keep getting periodic eye tests and examinations done. For healthy patients who are under the age of 50, an eye test must be done every 2-3 years but for those who are above 50 years in age, the tests must be done every year.  This helps to learn the preventive measures that can possibly cure the potential eye problems.
  2. Another way to prevent any vision disorders is to get to know about your family’s history of eye problems so that you can protect yourself from any of those eye issues which your family has a record of suffering from.
  3. Following a healthy lifestyle is also a good way to protect yourself from vision disorders. A healthy lifestyle includes staying away from unhealthy eye practices like not washing eyes twice a day, avoiding reading in dim light etc.
  4. Eating a diet which is nutritious and good for the eyes is also a great way to avoid vision problems. Food rich in vitamins and minerals and green leafy vegetables are great for the eyes and the eyesight. Foods that are rich in omega fatty acids and Vitamins like Vitamin A, E and C are essential for good eyesight.
  5. It is a good idea to wear durable eye protection when you are engaged in activities that could be hazardous for the eyes for example during sports, while playing paintball and if you are engaged in activities like hammering, cutting, drilling, sawing and working overhead etc.
  6. Another effective tip which can help you avoid vision disorders is to avoid hazardous things that can cause damage to the eyesight such as engaging with fireworks etc.
  7. It is important to take care of your weight, your levels of blood pressure and your cholesterol levels as these things too could be harmful for the eyes and may cause vision disorders. Moreover, it is important to avoid smoking because the toxic smoke of the cigarettes are often related to many serious eye conditions.
  8. Some other ways to keep away from vision disorders is to follow tips like blinking regularly, staying fresh and relaxing eye muscles often. Blinking helps to reduce the evaporation of the tear film which protects the cornea whereas relaxing the eye muscles after continuous stress on the eyes helps to ease pressure and prevent any vision problems.