Everything you Need to Know about Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Attention deficit disorder is a kind of a disorder or problem in which adults and children who are affected experiences a lack in concentration, attention and focus.  This disorder can make anybody’s life disorganized, confused and challenging. There are a range of symptoms of ADD and most of them are very frustrating for the one who is affected.

This disorder not only affects children but also adults. Children who are affected by ADD might experience the symptoms even when they turn into adults. The following is a complete guide by Attention Deficit disorder(ADD).

everything you need to know about attention deficit disorderSigns and Symptoms of ADD

  • Difficulty to remain focused and problems in concentrating are the major signs of this issue.
  • Getting distracted, bored and zoned out easily can also be considered symptoms of ADD.
  • Another sign that you may be suffering from ADD is when your attention wanders off easily and you are distracted soon.
  • Finding it difficult to complete tasks, even the ones that are very simple.
  • Poor listening abilities and finding it difficult to remember things that others said or did.
  • Easily overlooking details which lead to incorrect or incomplete work.
  • Disorganization and forgetfulness are also common signs of ADD.
  • Emotional difficulties like sense of underachievement, low self-esteem and hypersensitivity are also common signs.

Effects of ADD

  • Attention deficit disorder which remains untreated or undiagnosed can cause several other problems including physical and mental health issues. Some of these problems include anxiety, substance abuse, compulsive eating, stress and tension, low self-esteem etc.
  • Another common effect of ADD is facing financial as well as work related difficulties such as sense of underachievement, low confidence, disorganization and inability to meet deadlines.
  • Relationship problems may also result as an effect or attention deficit disorder. This happens because a person who suffers from this issue tends to be forgetful and hence does not act responsibly. He/she fails to take part in conversations and cannot meet the expectations of loved ones.

Self-help for ADD

  • In order to deal with this issue, a person suffering from ADD must make it a point to exercise regularly and eat the right food. This can help channel the energy in the right direction and even out the mood swings.
  • Another way to take care of oneself is to get plenty of sleep. Once a person is well rested and slept for enough hours, he/she tends to focus more, concentrate easily and can manage stress well.  It is important to get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Practicing better time management is also another way of self-help for ADD. One must start setting deadlines for everything and must use alarms and timers to stay on the right track.
  • Another way to deal with attention deficit disorder is to work on the relationship by trying to stay vigilant during conversations and cultivating relationships with people around.
  • At work, one can take help of notes, lists, files and other support things to reach goals and objectives.