7 Ways to Improve your Sperm Count

Good quantity of sperm count is a sign of a healthy reproductive system and good testosterone. Besides the fact that it can give a big ego boost, having a good sperm count or semen production is important for several other reasons.

Those men who are unable to make babies often try many means to improve their sperm count. This increase in the sperm count can also lead to an increase in sexual desire and may make the sexual life and relationship of a man with a partner much better. The following are some of the best ways to improve sperm count:

ways to improve your sperm count1. Trying Supplements

One of the effective ways to improve your sperm count is to try out supplements. It is always better to go for natural supplements rather than drugs and some examples of such supplements include L-carnitine, L-Arginine, Folic acid and antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Selenium.

2. Exercising your Muscles

Another tip to improve your sperm count and increase your chance at conceiving a baby is to exercise your muscles. Doing kegel exercises may be a good first step towards the improvement in the sperm count.

3. Drinking Less

It is a commonly known fact that alcohol affects the function of the liver and this can further lead to the rise in estrogen levels and since estrogen accumulates in the body rather than testosterone, the sperm count may be affected. Even having 2 drinks a day can have long term effects on your sperm count and thus you must try to reduce the number of drinks from today itself!

4. Masturbate Less, have Sex Instead

The more times you ejaculate, the lower will be the quality of the semen you ejaculate. The semen quality would be less thick if you ejaculate more often. So it is better to masturbate less and rather have more sex. But at the same time, having sex everyday too can hinder the semen quality.

5. Eating Right

Another effective tip for improving sperm count or production is to eat right. Your diet dramatically effects the sperm production and the diet which is low in protein, high on fat and low on whole grains cannot be good news for your sperms. So it is high time to keep it healthy and make a conscious effort to include healthy foods in your diet.

6. Avoid Wearing Tight Underwear

Men must stop wearing extra tight underwear as this can cause the temperature of the testicles to become hot and this can also affect the sperm quality and production drastically.

7. Quit the Bud

Quitting smoking can also be a big step towards improving your overall sperm count. It is a fact that smokers have about 22% lesser sperm production and sperm count than nonsmokers and this is enough to convince you to quit that bud. And ofcourse, bad breath is a big turn off as it is.

Thus with the help of above given tips you can improve the quantity as well as quality of your sperms.