Causes and Symptoms of Anti Social Personality Disorder

Considered as a medical condition, anti social personality disorder is a situation when the person’s way of thinking and responding to situations dramatically changes or becomes dysfunctional. People suffering from this disorder don’t pay much heed to the right and wrong things in life. They are mostly immune to the feeling and emotions of the other people and tend to treat them harshly.

The people who are suffering from the problem of anti social personality disorder might easily violate the law without even repenting on their actions. It has also been observed that people suffering from this disorder are always the ones who have been suffering from serious drug or alcohol addiction. People suffering from anti social disorder also fail to fulfill their responsibilities towards family or work.

anti social personality disorderSymptoms

A person suffering from anti social personality disorder may demonstrate various symptoms which might include:

  • Manipulating people for personal gain and pleasure.
  • Lying and deceiving others.
  • An inherent feeling of being superior to others.
  • Difficulty in abiding by the general rules and laws.
  • Involved in child abuse.
  • Love for violence and abuse.
  • Lack of common feelings like sadness, happiness etc.
  • Irresponsible towards work and family.

The person suffering from anti social disorder may suffer from the above symptoms which can be evident from the childhood itself. However these symptoms don’t get noticed in people until they are adult or reach an age of 20 or 30. These symptoms remain with the person for life long and can lead to problems like drug or alcohol addiction.


The personality of a person is groomed over time and it is dependent on a number of factors including the environment situations and genetics of the person. Thus the two major causes behind the anti social personality disorder is the environment and the genetics.

Genetics are characteristics passed by the parents to their children that might include facial features and also behavioral aspects such as shyness. Environment refers to the environmental scenarios in which the person grows up. The anti social personality disorder is caused due to a combination of both the genetics as well as the environmental factors.

Once the person is diagnosed with the problem of anti social personality disorder, various drugs and medications are used to treat them. Physiotherapy is considered as one of the best treatments for the problem. Apart from the treatment, a support from the loved ones and family is also required for the healing of the person.

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