How to Cure Back Pain During Pregnancy

More than 70% of the women experience mild to severe back pain during pregnancy and it is very common. Pregnancy hormones that are the secreted bring fatigue at the joints and muscles and this is one of the causes of back pain. However, the weight gain during pregnancy is also a reason for back pain.

Though amongst all, pain in the lower back is most common but you might feel pain in your upper back, shoulder and even in between your breasts. Sitting and standing on the same position for a long time can make things worse. In order to get relief from back pain during pregnancy you can follow the below given methods:

back pain during pregnancy

Good Posture

The centre of your gravity is shifted out to the bulge of your belly during pregnancy. Good posture is one the easiest ways of relieving back pain. Align all your body parts from top to bottom perfectly in a line. Keeping your shoulder a little rolled back, raise the rib cage.

The position of your head should be such that your ears and shoulder are on the same line. Pull your abdominal muscles inside and keep your back flat to position the hips. You can also stand with your knees that are flexed for better support.


Gentle exercise like stretching and walking can surely give relief from your back pain. If you are amongst those who exercise regularly, then you can very well continue with it but make sure that you are not overheated and drink sips of water now and then. Yoga and relaxation classes are also advisable.

Massage and Aromatherapy

Gentle massages can give you temporary relief and but make sure that the dimples on either side of the lower spine should not be massaged. Avoid massages if you suffer from sciatica. You can also get relief by relaxing in a warm bath that has few drops of lavender oil (during first trimester). This can ease muscle pain. A warm water bottle can also give your relief.

Sleeping Side Ways

Keeping the knees bent while sleeping can help cure back pain during pregnancy. Avoid sleeping on your back and sleep with support pillows in between your knees, behind your back and under your abdomen.


This is yet another effective treatment. There are specific points that need to be pricked with a needle to get relief. Make sure that you hire professional acupuncturist who are trained for this.

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