Learn How to Combat Nightmares

We all love dreams. Dreams take us to the brighter and the most beautiful places at times. But there is always a down side to everything and the down side to dreams is nightmares. Nightmares are always scary and unpleasant to people.

It brings in stress and often people suffer from insomnia. Nightmares bring in terror and disturbing images that prevent you from sleeping. You need to understand that nightmares are never going to be real. So, keeping that in mind, relax yourself and tell yourself that it is not true.

How to Combat Nightmares

Let’s see how we can prevent our nightmare terrors:

1. Relax your Mind

Remember that nightmares occur when you are in stress. So, try to calm your mind first and think about some pleasant or beautiful place as it will divert your mind towards positivity. Positive energy will overtake the negative energy and slowly and the fear of the nightmare will disappear.

2. Read Story Books with Positivity or listen to your Favorite Music

Do not play tracks that have hard rock or high pitch sound – soft and melodious tunes will keep your mind at peace and will help to avoid nightmare. Any kind of stress on the brain before bed time can trigger nightmares.

3. Engage yourself in Physical Activity

Exercise during the day as it helps you to get good and peaceful sleep throughout the night and will prevent you from getting nightmares.

4. Avoid too much of Alcohol and Caffeine

They do not let you sleep peacefully. You often visualize or bring hallucination of images that create terror.

5. Make one of your close ones to sleep with you so that they can make you feel comfortable and protective. It makes you think that you will be taken care of when you encounter a nightmare.

6. Incorporate your time in yoga and meditation. It calms your brain and reduces mental stress.

7. Depression can also result into nightmares. Prazosin is a type of drug that alleviates nightmares. Consult your doctor prior taking it.

8. Always consult a psychiatrist or a doctor when you realize you are suffering from worst consequences related to nightmares like hysteria, sleep walking etc.

Always keep trying not to get too depressed after you see a nightmare. Avoid panicking and try to think of an alternative situation to stop the nightmares so that nothing comes in the way of a sound and peaceful sleep for you.

Photo Credit By: i.huffpost.com