How to Get Supple, Healthy and Oh-So Gorgeous Skin in Summers

Summer is probably one of the worst seasons of the year for the skin.  The extreme sun light consisting of UV rays can leave the skin damaged, wrinkled and so tanned. It is true that summers tempt us to go outdoors and spend time doing things we love but that is surely at the cost of skin damaging.

clean your skin regularly

This sun damage can also lead to extreme problems like dryness, marks, patches and even skin cancer in a certain few cases. But why stop yourself from enjoying the lovely summers? Here’s how you can take care of your skin in summers, without having to sacrifice on going outdoors:

Always Wear Sunscreen

This is probably the best thing you can do to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. You should apply an even coat of sunscreen lotion not only while stepping out but also when you are indoors.

There are many factors that you should keep in mind while selecting a sunscreen and one of them is SPF or Sun protection factor. There are also oil based and water based sun screen lotions, which you must decide on the basis of the skin type that you have.


It is important to exfoliate your skin twice in a week as this will help you to remove the dead skin and prevent dust from settling in inside the pores. But make sure you moisturize your skin after exfoliation so that the skin doesn’t get too dry or develop rashes.

Drink Lot of Fluids

Staying hydrated during the summer months is the best skin treatment and is also the easiest one. You must make sure that you regularly drink water as well as other fluids like fresh fruit juices, shakes and lime water etc. Water flushes out the toxins from the body and keeps skin moisturized and healthy.

Clothing Matters

It is important to wear light colored clothes during summers and choose fabrics like cotton, thin satiny silk etc. as these materials prevent the damaging rays of the sun from reaching the skin. Try to wear hats or caps to prevent direct sunlight from falling on the face. Make sure you leave the house with an umbrella so as to keep the rays as away from you as possible.

Use Home Remedies

If you have got your skin tanned in the sun, then don’t sulk as there are many ways to treat the tan and get glowing skin again. Here are a few remedies that you can use:

  • Mix a little honey with a few drops of lime juice and apply this mixture on your face. Leave it there for 15 minutes and then wash off with water. This will leave you skin glowing and the lime juice will help in removing the tan.
  • Mix curd and Besan (dal flour) and make a thick paste. Massage your face and hands with this paste and leave it applied in an even coat for 20 minutes. Wash off for refreshed skin.

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