The 9 Best Fat Strippers on the Internet

The 9 Best Fat Strippers on the Internet: 10 Fat loss secrets to help you keep your new year’s resolution diet

We all ate and drank plentifully in December, and you have to! How else can you enjoy the end of a hard year? Sadly, come January, Christmas has been and gone and now your belly is large and your gut is hanging every which way. I think everyone knows that post-Christmas feeling!

Well it doesn’t have to eat into your year much further because here are 10 of the best fat strippers on the internet.

1.Drink a glass of water every hour. Water oxidizes fat and shifts it out of your body, making you leaner, and more full. You’ll be less likely to snack!

2. Don’t ever starve yourself. Eat some protein-rich foods just before you start feeling hungry. This can be eggs, a low sugar protein shake, some meat or tofu etc. Starving yourself will only do damage to your body or cause you to eat more at a later time.

3.Don’t try shopping on an empty stomach. This tip will save you money as well as help you lose weight. You are more likely to buy comfort snacks that will do no good for your slimming campaign, and you will be more likely to buy things you don’t want. Fill up, write a shopping list and then stick to it.

 4. Read labels and don’t avoid good fats. Some people read labels of products such as avocados and get put off by the high fat Content. You should be avoiding saturated and trans fats, these are the fats that are no good for you.

5.Avoid fruit juices such as orange, grape, apple. Fruit juices are high in sugar and for all their good, play havoc with your body because they are full of extra carbohydrates and sugars you can do without. It is much better to have the actual fruit and make sure you chew it well.

6.Stay away from carbonated beverages, such as beer and sparkling water. The gas in these drinks will bloat you and make you look bigger.

7.Supplements can help you lose weight. You can use protein shakes as a meal replacement and you can also get fat burners for men & women now that will aid your slimming. These will reduce your intake of fat and up the level of proteins and carbs meaning you will still have lots of energy and be full with less fat in your diet.

8.Start using more spices when you are cooking. Add spices like cayenne pepper, turmeric and cinnamon to your foods. They burn a small amount of fat by making you sweat, not very much, but what other foods help you lose weight as you are eating it? If you are quite used to spicy food it won’t help so much. Perhaps you could step up the heat and get those muscles warm!

9.Exercise for at least 2 ½ hours every week, this will burn all the fat you need to burn and more. Try for half an hour a day.