Sleep Disorders in Children Symptoms

It is commonly known that a restful sleep is helpful for everyone to repair and heal the body. But many people find it difficult to sleep properly and have different kinds of sleep disorders. Even many children across the world are affected by sleep disorders and according to a research, as many as 2 out of every 3 children aged 10 and below have experienced some or the other kind of a sleep related problem. What is serious about this situation is the fact that sleep disorders can lead to behavioral problems in children.Sleep Disorders in Children Symptoms

Infact they may also score badly in school or at other activities if they do not get proper sleep. But how would a parent know if his/her child is going through a sleep disorder? Well there are many signs and symptoms which can help parent identify the sleep disorder problem in their child and below given are some of the major sleep disorders in children symptom.

Symptoms of Sleep Disorders in Children

  • Snoring among children can be a big sign that the child is having a sleep related disorder.
  • Another sign to identify sleep disorder in children in breathing pauses during the sleep in the child.
  • If the child is facing difficulty falling asleep or doesn’t go to sleep till late in the night, then this may be another symptom of a sleep disorder.
  • If the child is having problems with sleeping during the night and keeps waking up every now and then, then this too could also be a sign of a sleep disorder.
  • If a sleep disorder attacks a child, then he/she may often have difficulty staying awake during the day time due to lack of sleep in the night and this is another warning sign for a parent that his/her child is facing sleep disorder.
  • An unexplained decrease in the academic performance, daytime performance, activeness and sports etc too could be other ways to know that the child may be going through a sleep disorder.
  • Unusual events during sleep such as having nightmares or walking in sleep are other signs of a sleep disorder or problem.

Tips for Improving Child’s Sleep

  • Establishing a regular time for bed each night and not varying from it can be the first step towards improving the child’s sleep.
  • Making sure that there is no noise or light in the room can be another way to improve the child’s sleep.