A Possible Cure for Cancer – Magnetic Fields

Most probably there is no scientist in the world who wouldn’t like to find the cure for cancer. A team of researchers claims that they may have found the answer: magnetic nanoparticles. This method is supposed to cure cancer with only one treatment.

Test Animals

According to the researches of the team, there is need for an injection that comes with nanoparticles. Then the test animals spent three minutes in a magnetic field. After this procedure they were free of all cancerous cells.

Base Idea

If you come to think of it, the base idea is very simple: if an animal is injected nanoparticles and then he is placed in a magnetic field, the iron particles will start moving back and forth, which results in heat. As a result, if doctors can deliver the iron particles to the cancerous cells, the magnetic field will be able to simply cook the cancer.

Theory and Practice

While the main idea seems to be very simple, the truth is that it is more difficult in practice. One of the difficulties is that the levels of iron that could cook the cancer are poisonous for the organism. The specialists thought they would take care of this problem by injecting the nanoparticles into the tumor. However, all the untreated areas grew the tumor back.

Putting Things into Perspective

One of the scientists decided that instead of worrying about the location of injection, it might be a better idea to alter the iron particles to become more effective. The team of scientists spent 6 years developing a nanoparticle with a biocompatible shell and iron core. Doctors could inject the nanoparticles directly into the bloodstream without any dangers.

Blood Vessels

It is a known fact that the blood vessels keep the tumor alive. However, if the blood carries the nanoparticles to the tumor but they can’t drain it away, the nanoparticles will accumulate in the cancerous cells. The best thing about this new treatment option is that the nanoparticles will be able to find the tumor regardless of where it is, even in case of metastasis.

Deep Tumors

Another advantage of the treatment option is that it is able to reach even the deep tumors, which were considered unreachable in the past. No matter how great the prospects may sound, you have to know that there is still need for extensive research; until this point only animals have been tested