Finally Health Insurance Must Cover Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

In case you have any connections to the insurance business, there is some big news for you: from now on the insurance companies will have to offer coverage for substance abuse and mental illnesses just as any other kind of physical condition


According to the officials, such new regulation will put an end to the discrimination towards mentally challenged or ill people who find health care a lot more expensive than the people around them. Although a rule of this kind has been signed by President George W. Bush, since then not much has changed.

The Insurance Companies

The majority of people say that the insurance companies did everything they could in order to stop or delay the passing of this law. However, President Obama feels like it is important for all the citizens to have access to the health care services that they need.

The Plans

The plans that were accepted back in 2008 only affected the large group plans. This new law will also include the small group plans and individual plans. The main point is to treat substance abuse and mental health condition on a large scale, just like physical conditions are treated.

Open Discrimination

Although the new rule is already accepted, still there are a lot of unsatisfied people who say that open discrimination was in place for too long. There has been a huge gap in the insurance coverage and it was time for this gap to be filled in

Mental Health

The truth is that the treatment of mental health conditions started a little while ago after the mental health parity law has been introduced. We also have to add that the large group plans make sure that the individual patients won’t have to pay high bills, both in case of inpatients and outpatient care.


Specialists claim that the mental health services usually represent only about 5% of an insurance plan, so there is no reason for the premiums to increase because of the new rule.

Substance Abuse

According to official information, about 23 million people in the U.S. have problems with substance abuse, but not even half of them are getting any help. Offering treatment to these people shouldn’t be considered a privilege but a right of those who really need treatment.

As you can see, things are already set in motion in the health care system and we can be sure that there are many changes to come.