Diseases of the Immune System in Kids

The immunity system of our bodies is what keeps us going. It protects us from any kind of external harmful elements. It fights with germs and keep our bodies fit and safe. However, sometimes it is the immune system which itself gets infected. Especially diseases of the immune system for kids can be really harmful and cause a lot of pain. In their case, it is called an issue of Primary Immunodeficiency. Children with immune system problems show symptoms like strong and frequent infections which can get so serious that they require hospitalization.Diseases of the Immune System in Kids

Symptoms of Immune System Diseases in Children

Usually the most obvious sign for a disorder of the immune system is that the child falls sick very frequently and is unable to fully recover even after taking regular doses of medicine.

If a child had eight or more ear infections, two or more sinus infections, two or more spurts of pneumonia in a span of one year, a parent should become cautious and take the child to a pediatrician. Other symptoms of the diseases of the immune system in kids include:

  • Little or no effect even after being two or more months on antibiotics.
  • A slow process of growth and weight gain.
  • Abscesses which are recurrent and/or deep skin in organs.
  • A repeated thrush in the mouth or somewhere else in the mouth or in other places of the skin. They usually appear after the age of one year or so.
  • Multiple deep seated infections.

A family history of immune diseases makes all of this even worse.

Most Common Diseases from a Problem in the Immune System

Allergies are the first thing that occur when there is a problem with the immune system. This is owing to the fact that germs always surround us and if our immune system works fine, we never get to realize their presence. However, when this does not happen, our body shows signs of discomfort in dealing with these germs- this shows itself in the form of allergies.

The immune system might also become hyper active and one of the resultant problems is asthma. The immune system in the airways becomes overactive, making it difficult for a person to breathe. Other diseases which occur from problems in the immune system include Type 1 diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many more.