More and More Teens use E-Cigarettes

According to the CDC, the number of young people who try e-cigarettes is alarming and disturbing.  If we take into consideration only middle school and high school pupils, the number of people who tried e-cigarettes has doubled between 2011 and 2012. At this moment, 10% of pupils in high school have already tried them.

The E-Cigarettes

An e-cigarette is a battery powered piece of equipment that dispenses additives and nicotine in an aerosol. Although the users don’t have to light the cigarettes, they use it the same way as the conventional cigarettes.

Some of the e-cigarettes have a futuristic look, while others look just like the traditional products. According to the CDC, these are just nicotine delivery pieces of equipment.

Warning to the Parents

You may be asking why these findings are important for you. First of all, you have to remember that the marketing, distribution, and manufacturing of e-cigarettes aren’t regulated. E-cigarettes come with fewer toxins than the regular cigarettes but still they aren’t safe because they come with toxins that aren’t regulated.

Being Concerned

Even if the authorities test one brand, there will be other ones appearing the following month and their majority is assembled in China so it is impossible to track what they contain. Another reason for concern is that there are more and more 13-year olds who experiment with e-cigarettes and who, sooner or later, will try conventional cigarettes as well.

Psychology of Children

If children try e-cigarettes, they will get used to bringing a cylinder to their mouth. They also see advertisements and commercials of adult people smoking and looking sexy while doing so and this is the role model that they will have. All this means is that there will be more people who start smoking than those giving it up.


Another aspect to be concerned about is nicotine itself. Let’s not forget that e-cigarettes deliver nicotine to the lungs of the users. According to the studies of the field, if young people are exposed to nicotine, it could affect their brain development.


Society and tobacco manufacturers have been trying for a long time to limit the access of young people to tobacco products. However, this is not the case of e-cigarettes, because there are no rules that apply to them. This means that a child could buy an e-cigarette as if they would buy a sandwich. The parents should really be careful about this aspect.