Demand For Designer Vagina Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Soar

It has been reported that there has been a sharp rise in demand for labiaplasty cosmetic surgery in the past 12 months driven by increased consumer awareness making it the third most popular body enhancing procedure.

Labiaplasty surgery, also referred to as the ‘designer vagina’, is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Shortening or reshaping the vaginal lips is an invasive procedure and a surgeon will normally put a clamp across each labium to prevent bleeding and then cut away the unwanted tissue with a scalpel or laser.

Despite the potential risk of labiaplasty cosmetic surgery going wrong, the procedure is growing in popularity, particularly in light of the popularity of shaving and waxing which has made women more conscious of their vulvas.

Even in instances with no complications where Labiaplasty surgery negligence has not occurred, it is common place for women to feel some pain and discomfort for two months or more following a labiaplasty procedure. Nevertheless according to new research there has been a 109 per cent rise in enquiries about the procedure in the last year.

Revealing the possible reasons for the growth in demand, a spokesperson for the cosmetic surgery clinic who conducted the research said: “Growth for such specific treatments as labiaplasty is usually driven by increased consumer awareness. Often, that’s down to coverage on TV show such as Embarrassing Bodies or in newspapers or magazines. The increase in interest in the procedure is particularly pronounced over the last six months. All surgery carries some risk of complications arising and these should be discussed in advance of any treatment with the surgeon involved.”

Commenting on the trends in ‘designer vagina’ procedures, Paul Banwell, a BAAPS spokesperson and surgeon at his practice Banwell Clinic in East Grinstead, said: “I think these statistics reflect general trends in cosmetic surgery. In particular, they reflect a trend in my own practice. I have seen an even higher increase – one of more than 200 per cent in last 12 months. In terms of ethics, people have to realise there is a rise and it’s difficult to determine why. I don’t think it has anything to do with the glamour industry. About half of the patients I see in my practice want the operation for function, due to discomfort and
problems with exercise, cycling and riding. The other 50 per cent want it purely for aesthetic reasons and to boost their self-confidence.”
The procedure, which costs an average of £2,564 to perform in the UK, is largely successful but in instances of labiaplasty surgery negligence occurring patients have been known to experience:

  • Nerve damage: Hypersensitivity or loss of sensation that impairs sexual arousal and pleasure.
  • Tight scars which make vaginal penetration painful.
  • Asymmetry where the labia does not appear equal in shape.
  • Over reduction of the labia causing disfigurement and functional problems.

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