Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Children

Bipolar disorder is children is also known as pediatric bipolar disorder and is a condition in which is characterised by extreme mood swings and rapid mood changes. The different and peculiar thing about these mood changes is that they are much more extreme than the normal reaction to events in life and may range from extreme highs to very depressive low mood state. It is easy to identify the symptoms of bipolar disorder in children because the signs are so obvious and unnatural. The following given part of the article will help you understand more about the symptoms of this disorder:

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Children

Common signs of pediatric bipolar disorder

  • If a child is experiencing the anxiety of separation from loved ones or parents then he/she may be suffering from bipolar disorder.
  • Another common sign of this disorder is unexpected rage and explosive temper which can even last up to several hours at a stretch.
  • Constant and regular irritability is a common sign of bipolar disorder in the case of children.
  • If a child has been showing a lot of oppositional behaviour then that too is a sign that he/she may be undergoing pediatric bipolar disorder.
  • Frequent mood swings and unexpected moos highs and lows are yet another symptom of this disorder which affects children and teenagers.
  • Hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour are the other two signs that a child may be undergoing bipolar disorder.
  • Checking for Risk taking behaviour and depressed mood throughout the day is another way to know if the child is suffering from pediatric bipolar disorder.
  • Some other common symptoms include restlessness, carbohydrate cravings, grandiosity, racing thoughts and silly behaviour.

Some other less common signs of bipolar disorder in children

  • Bed wetting is a common sign of bipolar disorder and more commonly affects boys.
  • Excessive amount of day dreaming and night terrors are also some signs which may suggest that a child is suffering from this disorder.
  • Compulsive behaviour and lack of organisation may seem normal but could be symptoms of this disorder which must be treated.
  • In some extreme cases, a child might also experience suicidal thoughts if he/she is under the influence of bipolar disorder.
  • Destruction of property, learning disabilities, fascination with morbid topics, lying and bossiness are some of the other uncommon signs of pediatric bipolar disorder.

If your child has been showing some or all of these signs, then you should seek medical consultation as soon as possible.