Some Interesting and Amazing Facts about the Human Body

The human body is complex and yet it is very interesting as well. Our bodies work with a very intelligent mechanism which is not only accurate but leaves us astonished and amazed at the same time. There are many things that most people don’t know about our complex bodies. Some amazing facts about the human body have been provided in the next part of this article and will be interesting to know:

  • Did you know that the digestive acids of the stomach are so strong that they can even dissolve zinc in them. But these cells renew themselves so quickly that the various acids do not have the time to get dissolved!Some Interesting and Amazing Facts about the Human Body
  • The lungs contain more than 300000 million capillaries, which if were laid down end to end would stretch 2400 km!
  • Another interesting thing to know about the human body is that each finger and toenail takes about months to grow from base to tip!
  • A man’s testicles produce about 10 million new sperm cells every day. These many sperm cells can repopulate the entire planet in a period of just 6 months!
  • Skin too is an organ of the body and is in fact the largest body organ of a human being. In a lifetime every human being sheds about 18 kg of skin!
  • Every night when you sleep, you grow about 8 mm in height but you shrink back to your former height when you wake up in the morning!
  • Another interesting and amazing fact about our body is that a single blood cell takes just 60 seconds to take a complete circuit of the body.
  • The ovaries in a female’s body contain about half-a-million egg cells but out of these egg cells, only 400 get a chance to create new life.
  • The eyes are interesting and one amazing fact associated with human eyes is that eyes receive approximately 90 percent of all the information received by a human body. Thus eyes are responsible for making us visual creatures.
  • An average body gives off as much heat which is responsible for bringing about half a gallon of water to boil in just 30 minutes.
  • Human bone is very strong. It is so strong that it can support as much weight as granite can. A block of bone which is of a size of a matchbox can support about 9 tonnes.