What are the Various Snoring Causes and Natural Remedies?

Snoring is a condition which occurs when there is a vibration of the soft palate or the back part of the roof of a person’s mouth. Snoring might seem very annoying but it is important to understand the various snoring causes and natural remedies. Though it is very easy to identify snoring, but it usually occurs when there is a low or high pitch and regular or irregular sound pattern while a person is sleeping.

Snoring is often accompanies with heavy breathing. To understand the various causes of this condition and the home remedies to cure this sound pattern, you can refer to the following given information:


Causes and Reasons for Snoring

  • Blockage of the airway: Snoring might be a result of anything which is obstruction the airway. People with large tongues or large adenoids are more likely to make this sound pattern.
  • Muscle tone of the tongue: While sleeping, the muscle tone of the tongue might decrease with the soft palate and this results in their collapsing together. This is another cause of snoring.
  • Age factor: age is a huge factor when it comes to snoring since older people tend to snore more than younger individuals. This is because the muscle tone decreases as one ages.

Snoring causes in children:

  • One of the main reasons why children might snore is due to sinusitis and adenoid enlargement.
  • Other causes include asthma, obesity, tonsils and even allergy attacks.

Snoring can be treated by either taking medical help or by following some of the natural treatment methods mentioned below:

  • Losing weight: this is definitely the best natural remedy for reducing or treating the sound pattern that you make at the time of sleeping. Maintaining a normal weight, eating a proper diet and exercising can be the possible treatment methods.
  • Avoid smoking: giving up smoking can also help to overcome the habit of snoring or snorting at the night time.
  • Reducing the intake of alcohol: what alcohol does is that it causes the relaxation in the soft tissues and also in the throat muscles. And this results in snoring or even sleep apnea.
  • Sleeping on the side is also a way to reduce snoring in adults.
  • Other ways to reduce snoring without the help of artificial agents is by clearing nasal congestion, avoiding use of sedatives and sleeping at the same time every day.