What are the Eye Diseases Symptoms and Treatment?

Eye health is as important as the overall health of a person and must be paid special attention to by everyone. It is vital to keep the eyes clean and for this, they should be washed at regular intervals. In order to prevent the occurrence of eye diseases and disorders, it is important to be informed about the eye diseases symptoms as well as methods of treatment. To know more about this, you can refer to the following given information:What-Are-the-Eye-Diseases


Cataract is an eye condition in which cloudiness occurs in the lens of the eye/eyes. Cataract is not really a disease and is a condition which most people develop on growing old. The following are a few signs to detect cataract:

  • A person with cataract may see more of faded colors
  • Poor night vision is another symptom of cataract.
  • A person with cataract may become uncomfortable with lights.

The following are a few methods to cure cataract:

  • When cataract impairs the vision of a person, a surgery is required to be done by the eye doctor. Surgery involves a tiny incision through which the cloudy substance is removed.


Conjunctivitis is also referred to as the case of redness of eyes and is a kind of a viral infection in which the eye becomes red. This is a highly contagious eye infection. The following are the symptoms of this condition:

  • Itchiness in eyes and a discharge is a common sign of conjunctivitis.
  • Redness of eye is another symptom
  • Sensation of a foreign particle

Conjunctivitis can be cured by doing the following:

  • To avoid the spreading of conjunctivitis, one should wash the hands regularly and avoid doing eye makeup.
  • Antibiotic drops may also help to treat with infection.


Glaucoma is a disease which is caused by the presence of too much fluid pressure inside the eye. The fluid present in the eye helps to cleanse the interior of the eye and is important. The signs of this condition are given as follows:

  • Open angle Glaucoma has no real symptoms in the initial stages and is thus called ‘sneak thief of sight’.
  • In the advanced stages, patients might develop tunnel vision.

Treatment of Glaucoma:

  • Prescribed eye drops taken regularly
  • Laser treatment
  • Other surgeries like the laser treatment

Thus above given are some of the eye diseases symptoms and treatment.